When people think of dental veneers, they often assume they’re only a cosmetic treatment. While this treatment is primarily for cosmetic concerns, it can also offer a more conservative and less invasive solution for some medical issues, like tooth decay, cracks, and chips.

At Bell Family Dental PC, our team specializes in family and cosmetic dentistry. Here are just a few insights into how veneers work and if they could be right for you.

Understanding veneers

When you get a dental veneer, we cover the front of your tooth with a thin shell no thicker than a contact lens. These shells come in tooth-colored porcelain or composite resins, which creates a natural appearance and blends seamlessly into your smile.

Veneers come in numerous shapes, sizes, and are customized to your unique needs, so we can conceal imperfections in a single tooth or completely transform your entire smile. This is also why we primarily consider veneers a cosmetic treatment.

Common reasons to consider veneers include:

  • Yellow or discolored teeth that don’t respond to professional whitening
  • Minor alignment issues
  • Oddly shaped or uneven teeth
  • Gaps or spaces between your teeth

In addition to these cosmetic issues, however, we can also use a veneer to correct some dental issues that can compromise your oral health, like cracked, chipped, or broken teeth or those with decay.

When a veneer is more than cosmetic

When you have damage to a tooth, it can do more than affect your appearance. It can also put you at risk of decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. A common treatment for this type of damage is a dental crown.

A dental crown works by grinding down a significant portion of your tooth and covering the remaining surface with a protective, tooth-like cap. However, if you have more modest damage and a veneer could offer a less invasive solution.

Unlike a dental crown, that removes a large area of your tooth, we only remove approximately half a millimeter of enamel from the visible portion of your tooth to bond a veneer in place. This preserves more of your natural tooth, can restore strength to its structure, and protect the area from additional damage.

Keep in mind, while a dental veneer can sometimes have medical uses, they may not receive the same coverage through dental insurance because their primary purpose is largely cosmetic.

How to know if veneers are right for you

Veneers offer a versatile solution for a variety of dental issues, both cosmetic and medical. To determine if they are right for you, we discuss your concerns, examine your teeth, and check your overall oral health.

We can usually place veneers within a few office visits, and the process is completely painless. You can also consider this treatment permanent, and your veneers could last up to 15 years with proper brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings.

To learn more about veneers, contact our office in Bayside, Queens, in New York City by calling (718) 224-4646 or by requesting an appointment online today.

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